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Rated 4,8 out of 5
Tältä sivulta löydät kaikki luotettavat arvostelut Euro Istanbul -klinikasta. Olemme keränneet aiempien potilaiden arvostelut yhdelle sivulle yhdessä oman asiantuntijamme arvion kanssa. Näin voit tehdä oman päätöksesi helposti siitä, onko tämä juuri sinulle sopiva hammasklinikka.

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Rated 4,8 out of 5
4,8 out of 5 stars (based on 86 reviews)
Very good4%

Excellent clinic

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I had a hair transplant, it was a great job, I’m happy with my new hair, new hair looks good. it looks like I’ve never had a hair transplant, I want to say thanks to all the staff Euro Istanbul Clinic, especially the doctors Bogach, Melik, manager of the Euro Istanbul clinic. Mr. Bashar Ural and Mrs. Edd Hawa. I would recommend this clinic to anyone interested in hair transplant.


Istanbul Magic!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I took this trip and a chance traveled from Florida to do my eyes and my husband a hair transplant. We first communicated with Eve and she was such a pleasure we immediately fell into a long lasting ”like you” relationship which just intensified when we met Basar and Levent! they were exceptionally great! attentive, knowledge and professional!!! our experience with this company was a 10 STAR!!! I would do it again!! they answer calls and text in a timely manner and they make sure tour experience is professional and memorable! the providers used are knowledge and pleasant!!! the results are amazing! I highly recommend and appreciate this group of highly trained and super pleasant and accommodating individuals! thumbs up!

Laura Frias

I had a gastric sleeve and a hair…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I had a gastric sleeve and a hair transplant with this company, I couldn’t fault them, they were by my side from start to finish. Everything went well and I have a full head of hair and I have lost 5 stone in 7 months. Would definitely recommend. Basir and Eve were excellent.

Chris Dodds

Avoid at all costs

Rated 1,0 out of 5

I was told it would be better in 6 months, well it’s nearly 6 months and I still have brusing on my back and a lovely thick scar on my stomach, which looks horrendous, so much for getting told it would be a fine scar. Plus I paid for a BBL and was told it didn’t work, wasn’t offered a refund, just got ignored. I would look at other companies as this company just want your money and don’t care about the patient.


Avoid this company

Rated 1,0 out of 5

My partner went for a BBL,lipo and was advised to get a tummy tuck. BBL hasn’t worked and was told she didn’t have enough fat. The tummy tuck didn’t go well either and was told her skin wouldn’t stretch enough, leaving a bigger scar than expected, her back is still sore and bruised after 3 months. I would never recommend this company to anyone!


I got a hair transplant and had full…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I got a hair transplant and had full Dental work done. I had a great experience with both. Başar and Martha were my point of contact and they were both excellent people, they made sure I was comfortable and assured me I was in good hands. They were true to their word, I stayed in a 5 star hotel and they personally picked me up and dropped me off. Both dental and medical facilities were top notch. I had my work done on 06/2023 and returned 01/2024 to complete my dental implant. I continue to receive compliments.

Gerald Swayne

The entire experience with Dr

Rated 5,0 out of 5

The entire experience with Dr. Ayberk Akcay was nothing short of amazing! I have never had plastic surgery before and travelling from UK to Turkey on my own, was quite daunting at first. However, from the minute I landed in Turkey I was looked after his team and everyone was constantly checking in with me, to ensure I knew exactly what was happening and when.

Maria kelly

I was not happy with my previous…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I was not happy with my previous surgeries, Dr. My process went very well until I met Ayberk Akçay. I am currently in my 1st month and I am not experiencing any problems. Dr. I would like to thank Ayberk, his assistant and nurse and his entire team.

Nina Kasanova

A very good plastic surgeon

Rated 5,0 out of 5

A very good plastic surgeon, follow-up of patients, a surgeon team that constantly motivates them with a smiling face, they are very successful, thank you for Surgeon Akif Ayberk Akçay and team.

John peter

best team for plastic surgery

Rated 5,0 out of 5

He is truly an incredible surgeon. Their care before and after the surgery was amazing. I was very pleased. I definitely recommend it. Dr. I would like to thank Akif Ayberk Akcay and his team.

Johny Souza

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