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Rated 5,0 out of 5
5,0 out of 5 stars (based on 86 reviews)
Very good0%

I was looking for somewhere to have my…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I was looking for somewhere to have my dental treatment for over 16 months then I found Dental wise from the word off made me feel at ease namely Cansu and melody my first contacts went through everything step by step fantastic staff each and everyone of them the premises was super super clean I didn’t even want to sneeze in there No joke aside just a Great service and Really Happy with my new smile

Mr Smerdon

Attention to detail was first class

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Attention to detail was first class, good friendly staff, everything was fantastic



Rated 5,0 out of 5

Great service, very professional, good staff and done a fantastic job

Yvonne Cameron

Colleague's recommendation.

Rated 5,0 out of 5

It was through a colleague’s recommendation that I booked my treatment with Dental Wise. I had 2 visits, the first for removal of upper and lower teeth and second for replacements. The staff, from the co-ordinators to the dentists and their assistants, were amazing. Friendly, professional and accommodating. I received the very best of care from each and everyone one. I am absolutely delighted with the result and would recommend Dental Wise without hesitation.

Ingrid harris

A place you can TRUST 100%

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Absolutely amazing place.. ppl are so friendly and very polite… never had to worry about not speaking their language as had the most amazing pick up and interpreter you could have .. my teeth/smile that I picked are natural and only a few shades lighter … so basically I wanted my own looking teeth but slightly bigger and only a few shades lighter and most importantly straight … and that is exactly what I got … I’m soooooo happy.. now all I’ve got to do is learn how to smile without my hands being infront of my mouth as there is nothing to hide now … thank you dental wise again

Teresa Gary Briggs

Dentalwise simply the best

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Just returned home back to the uk from my second visit to Dentalwise. What an absolutely amazing experience again. From the moment you walk in you can sense you’re in the right place, it is pristine in every way a very high end dental surgery. After emailing and messaging Asil my coordinator I finally got to meet him. Asil greeted my wife and I with a massive smile and friendly professional caring attitude. My wife was having teeth whitening treatment while we were there. My wife’s coordinator was lovely young lady called Hira who was just as professional caring friendly has Asil. We knew instantly we were in safe hands.

On my return to Dentalwise my treatment altered slightly from my first visit Dr Koray Kaya had to do a couple of root canals which he did without hesitation, Dr Koray is so professional and meticulous in his work and will stop at nothing but the upmost highest level. He is by far the best Dentist that has ever worked on my teeth.

My wife picked the colour and style of my new smile, (let’s face it my wife’s happy I’m happy ) seriously we opted for B1 colour and the natural look. I was still apprehensive to say the least but I needn’t have been. The colour and style is superb and suits me perfectly. Dr Koray yet again showing his expertise in fitting my new teeth was so particular his attention to detail is fantastic.

If you are looking to get dental treatment in Turkey I applaud you to use Dentalwise you will absolutely not regret it, all the staff are amazing, professional, kind, so knowledgeable in understanding your needs. All they are interested in is your happiness and well being.

I would like to thank on behalf of my wife, family to all the staff, in particular to Dr Koray, Asil and Hira for giving me a perfect smile, confidence and my quality of life back, my family and I can’t stop laughing and smiling how fantastic they look.

Thank you


Highly recommend Dental wise for there…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Highly recommend Dental wise for there professional and personal experience alway through my process all on 5 top and bottom, starting from airport pick up to your highly professional coordinator’s Asif and Hira are there for you all the time day or night. Professional patient experience . Thanks to all Dental wise team for making a old man smile


Amazing results

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I intended to write this review sooner but just been very busy since coming back.

I went in Jan to dental wise as I’d weighed up all the options and realised the best option for me was to have all teeth removed replaced by all on 4 implants and bridge top and bottom.

I was nervous of course, however I had looked into providers for months in the UK and pricing was way out of my range.

I then looked to turkey and shortlisted a couple including dental wise, however friends of friends had actually just returned from Antalya having the first stage of treatment at no other than dental wise and they couldn’t praise it higher.

So, I contacted them for consultation and had it booked within a day.

I went in January 24 to have all my teeth removed and implants placed. I upgraded from all on 4 to 5 (10 implants total).

I did pay extra for sedation and to me it was money well spent as i didn’t really want the memory of the procedure given it’s a couple of hours long and quite invasive. To be clear though, there was no pain at all during or after. Just heat swelling and maybe some discomfort. My swelling was actually minimal and the biggest annoyance really were the stitches. To me the biggest nuisance was the mush diet for 3 months. The lack of texture was driving me crazy but that’s a very small price to pay. I returned in April for a week to have my finals fitted. Unfortunately one of my implants which appeared to have integrated, dislodged during my first fitting. The surgeon arranged to replace this immediately with a larger implant.

Because of this I had to wait until the day before I left to have my finals fitted. The initial set was way to big for my face, so we did a bit of back and forth and think I went back to the clinic 3 times that day.

The surgeon let me speak to the prosthodontist to relay what I would prefer aesthetically and I sent some images to help them achieve the look I wanted.

I returned to the clinic after 10pm to have the final result fitted. Bless the staff… they were going to be staying longer if I didn’t like them but I was really happy with the finals so we fitted them.

I was absolutely delighted with the result. It’s odd.. I look like me but not me!

I could smile again and most importantly EAT whatever I want.

I made it a mission to have a Turkish kebab before I left and it was amazing being able to bite in and tear food!

The staff, all of them are so lovely and the surgeon (I can’t remember his name) was so thorough and wouldn’t stop until he got the desired result. His standards were very high.

Special shout out to Seref! Poor chap was ready to stay up into the AM hours to ensure I was happy with the result!

As a suggestion it would be really helpful if a handout could be issued stating treatment, what to expect, examples of what to eat (as people really struggled with this according to people I spoke to) and the upgrade options.

A lot of people were expecting teeth in day and not dentures for the healing period. Not that dental wise say that’s what they offer but if you issue a handout stating all that when the person arrives it will set their expectations in line. Some people don’t know the questions to ask at the time so having a commonly asked questions and answers list would be really helpful.

I’ve been back 10 weeks now and everyone back home was stunned by the results. I didn’t want people I didn’t know coming up to me asking “where did you get your teeth done” I was aiming for “wow, you have lovely teeth”… and that’s what I got. People look at my teeth now and appear self conscious about their own. My friends, family and workmates are in awe… they are so amazed at how real my teeth look.. and that’s people who knew me before!

For me I’m still having moments when speaking but hopefully that will abate with time. My S’s can be a bit challenging but I’m working on it!

Absolutely recommend dental wise to anyone. In fact I’ve probably drummed up some business for them. Maybe 4 or 5 people are seriously considering contacting DW for treatment. Word of mouth is the best recommendation!

Nada Pirrie

Really pleased with the end result

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Really pleased with the end result. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. The clinic was spotless.

Definitely recommend this dentist.

Chris Marshall

Highly recommended

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Highly recommended

My journey was first class all the way , such lovely friendly highly qualified people and Antalya is beautiful so that’s a bonus

Tracey Pirelli

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