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Rated 5,0 out of 5
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Marie uk

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I have just been to the clinic and had 24 crowns 2 root canal fillings and 3 implants done over a weeks stay ready for 4 implant crowns to be fitted at a later date . The services I received was absolutely amazing from transfers to dental treatments . All the staff were friendly and the clinic was spotlessly clean.


Fantastic Experience

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Dr. Berke Değirmencioğlu treated several of my problematic teeth over a span of weeks. He’s very skilled, and the team is professional.

The clinic is clean and cozy. Staff is efficient. They have modern equipments. X-ray and tomography imaging were done at the clinic. Entire process has been quite smooth from the very beginning.

I never imagined I would sit so comfortably in a dental chair. My treatment has been completed today, and I feel like I’m reborn. I will be visiting regularly for check-up.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Berke Değirmencioğlu and Yalın Dental Clinic.


Yalin dental team, thank you for your help

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I was web searching for a dental treatment abroad for my husband, then I came across Yalin Dental Clinic, it was on the top search. I made a general enquiry. Shireen, the co-ordinator responded to my query. She is a star who provided all relevant information about treatment plans and helped us to make arrangements for the appointment. Doctor Hussain and his team did a fantastic job. I appreciate how dedicated Dr. Hussain is on providing the best possible treatment for his patients.

Our first visit was 5 days trip from London to Antalya on June 2023. There was some misunderstanding about airport pickup timing and we had to wait for few hours until we got a ride to the hotel.

Nice accommodation was provided by the clinic which included breakfast of multiple choices. Hotel was not very far from clinic. However transport was arranged for each visit by the clinic. Shireen was the contact person for all the concerns and she was very professional.

My husband had severe issues with his teeth. After Xray and consultation Dr Hussain explained the situation and the best available treatments. Finally patient and doctor both agreed for full implant.16th June 2023, busy and tiring day for both doctors and patient (including nurses and other staffs) multiple extractions, total 10 implants and multiple Xrays done during the procedure. (Thank you Dr Hussain for your hard work, working from 11am to 19:30 pm with one patient is not a joke). After the procedure he was sent to the hotel with required medication (painkillers and antibiotics).

My dear husband had to spend next two days without teeth. He had no pain but from next morning he suffered from bloated stomach. He couldn’t eat well as he had no teeth. Although there were plenty food on the breakfast table, there wasn’t much choice for those who have had acute dental work done. Bloating and discomfort was constant throughout the day and the night. Sunday morning we decided to go to the pharmacy to get something and our bad-luck, all nearby pharmacies were closed, in the afternoon we took a cab and requested the driver to take us to a pharmacy or a hospital. (We did not contact Shireen as we did not wanted to disturb her on her off day). Thanks to the cab driver, he took us to the pharmacy which was open (20 minutes drive). We managed to explain what’s wrong by using google translate and got some antacid which worked as a miracle.

Monday morning temporary teeth were fixed, He (my husband) said the new teeth felt slightly different than before which was expected. Happy ending of first visit. Next appointment after 5-6 months.

November 2023, we were back for 10 days for follow up and permanent teeth. We requested not to book any accommodation for us as we decided to book self catering apartment ourselves. Luckily found one not very far from the clinic. This visit was more like holiday than anything else. Not much trouble during the follow up period and no painful procedures. His temporary teeth were removed for a day for measurement purpose and given back next day until he received the permanent ones after couple of days.

I am writing this after few months of him having permanent teeth. He has not complained of any pain or discomfort. He has no problem with chewing. He is enjoying his food. Thanks again to the wonderful team of Yalin Dental Clinic, Antalya Turkey

M Sharma

Just got back from attending the clinic…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Just got back from attending the clinic and I couldn’t thank all the team enough. They have been brilliant with me from start to finish. Even the after care, every evening they would check in to make sure I was doing ok etc. Honestly can’t fault them, they are very clear in what is happening and go into everything in great detail. Would highly recommend.


Do not think twice, book with YALIN Dental asap!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

It’s rare to find someone more analytical than myself; it’s an OCD issue. I assess, examine, and check everything meticulously, so when it came to considering a smile makeover, I wanted to make certain I had made the right choice.

When I contacted Yalin through their website’s WhatsApp link after researching on Instagram, the entire process was flawless.

There was an immediate response and the assignment of a patient treatment coordinator. Using their secure business WhatsApp, I provided information about my teeth, sent photos, and outlined my preferences. Then, my patient coordinator, Shireen, sent a tentative treatment plan.

We agreed on a date for me to fly to Antalya, and all accommodation was covered and booked by them; I only had to book my flight. Upon arrival, I was picked up by a chauffeur and taken to and from the hotel by the clinic. Scans were done, my teeth were checked, and then I had an appointment with Dr. Hüseyin.

Every detail was discussed, all options explored, and a final plan was made based on my oral exam. Then the treatment began. My teeth were prepared for crowns on the same day, I had a day off, and then returned on the 3rd day for implants. On the 4th day, I had crown test fittings, and on the 5th day, the crowns were installed.

The implants need time, so I must return in 8–10 weeks for my bottom jaw. I chose BL3 for a natural but clean white finish, and I couldn’t be happier. The entire process, the team, and the clinic itself were stunning; the hygiene systems, technology, photography studio, marketing team, and surgeries for all aspects of dentistry were top class.

I can 100% recommend Yalin. The entire process was virtually pain-free. What impressed me the most was the team; everyone worked together seamlessly, from the cleaning lady to the dentists. This is not an exaggeration; it’s my honest opinion based on my experience with Yalin. The people on the team at Yalin are so friendly and attentive that after only one day, I felt like I knew them already for a long time. There is a relaxed atmosphere, yet everything is done with precision detail.

I will come here for all my dental needs going forward. K. from Germany.


Awesome clinic

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Went back in November 2023. I had the most amazing experience at Yalin Dental Clinic! Dr. Hussain and his staff went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable and that all my concerns and


Came to the clinic last week and was…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Came to the clinic last week and was made to feel so at ease and welcomed by smiling faces. Was told about my procedure through out which made me feel more comfortable to go ahead . All staff are really friendly and helpful and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my smile. They’ve changed my life and my confidence has came back. So I can not Thank you anll enough for your amazing work.

Sharni Liddell


Rated 5,0 out of 5

I cannot thank the Yalin Team enough for everything that they did for me on my first visit.

Samuel Lomas

From the very start true professionals

Rated 5,0 out of 5

From the very start it was quite clear how professional and caring Yalin dental clinic work.

Max Diamond

We have just arrived home from Antalya…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

We have just arrived home from Antalya 2 days ago now, me and my partner choose yalin to do our teeth we did look at other places but we definitely picked the best place, from the minute I messaged for some information I new everything would be good, iman was so help full with everything – all we had to do was book our flights and send her them over & absolutely everything was taking care of from our air port transport to picked up and dropped off everyday at the dentist and back to hotel, our driver was so helpful and nice every time nothing was a problem to him, we arrived & met the full team who answered all our questions & made us feel very welcome, dr huseyin was the nicest person honestly he covered everything all our questions, worries absolutely everything & then dr mert did our teeth he’s so patient, helpful & made us super happy with our new teeth – the service over all was 10/10 from beginning to end, we would definitely recommend yalin we are super happy .

Pamela Lee


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